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Westcott Indoor 3D Shoot

2014 Indoor Shoot

Westcott Archers Indoor 3D Shoot Ė January 2014 As I'm sure most of you will appreciate, running a shoot of this nature over two weekends takes a lot of planning, effort and time to put on. We have decided that we will be taking a couple of years off and we will let you know when are looking to run this shoot again. Thanks to you all for your ongoing support.

Why shoot field indoors?

Well, our club is located at Westcott Social Club in Bucks with our own field course, outdoor archery field and indoor heated range. When we were shooting the field course in the cold winter months, knocking the ice off the bows before we shot, we looked across at the warn archery hall and had a good idea. Why not shoot field, inside. It sounds silly but has great advantages, for once you can talk to all of the archers shooting, you donít have to wear thick outdoor wear and you donít have to walk far to collect the arrows.

Weíve found that the shoot has really bought the club together, with practically everyone helping out. Not many clubs with about 60 members find that over 25 of them offer to help out at a shoot.

One of the first questions thatís asked is how do you take a field course from a wood and place it in a hall that normally houses 5 danage bosses? Simple, recycle about 80 Christmas trees that would have just been thrown away, add in some logs, some silver birch and the odd 15ft fallen branch.

How we shoot 3Ds Indoor at Westcott?

20 3D target are laid out in distances that vary between very close to 20 yards. The archers are grouped in 10 groups of 3 archers. Each archer shoots two arrows at different targets. The shoot then proceeds as a normal field shoot, once the group has shot the target they collect their arrows and move to the next target. Once the 20 targets have been shot the archers break for complementary tea/coffee and doughnuts. Some of the targets are moved by a work party and the archers shoot a second time making the competition a twice 20 target course. We make the archers shoot the inner dimes on the 3D targets so the archers have to be precise.

We donít just have static 3D targets, this year we had a smoking volcano and a prehistoric swamp added to the spectacular rotating mini-pigs, rocking owl and pop-up prairie dog.