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Westcott Indoor 3D Shoot

2014 Indoor Shoot

Westcott Archers Indoor 3D Shoot January 2014 As I'm sure most of you will appreciate, running a shoot of this nature over two weekends takes a lot of planning, effort and time to put on. We have decided that we will be taking a couple of years off and we will let you know when are looking to run this shoot again. Thanks to you all for your ongoing support.


Medals are presented at the end of the GNAS Saturday and the NFAS second Sunday. If you think you might be in with a chance of a medal but aren't around on the appropriate day then please write your address on the back of your scorecard. If you win a medal and you have written your address then admin will send the medal out.

Admin will print out a running score sheet after each session so you can see how everyone is getting on.


Bacon sandwiches are avaliable for the first sessions of each day. Coffee, tea and squash is avaliable free through out the day with donations greatly appreciated.

Please excuse us if you catch us having our lunch/dinner. I'm afraid we don't normally share but as I'm sure you understand we spend some very long days at the vlub and get grumpy if not fed (particularly admin).


Please note the raffle is drawn at the end of each session, so dig deep and support us!

Club Competitors

While members of Westcott Archers are encouraged to take a break from helping out and join in the fun they are asked to pre-book only for the GNAS shoot (NFAS places may be available on the day but no guareentees). Whilst Westcott club members will not be able to enter a score as part of the main competition admin will be running a club league for all members over the two weekends.


If you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact me!!