Aim4Sport Report


I’ve just been shopping for my first bow.

Having heard terrible tales of huge expense and ill-fitting equipment, I began with great trepidation. I knew the type of thing I wanted but also knew that bows were a personal choice and had to be matched to appropriate arrows and to the archer using them. I can quote frightening tales of too-short arrows, incorrect tillers, and new archers being encouraged to spend £1000+ on international bows far beyond their capabilities.

I was recommended, by several senior members of Westcott Archers, to AIM4SPORT and it was one of best bits of advice I’ve had since my father said: "Don’t do that. It’s not nice."

It took me an hour to get there but, when I did, I got a fantastic amount of customer service. I spend over 2 hours trying different bows, matching risers to limbs, practicing with each until I had a feel of what felt right and what didn’t. I agreed early on that I was interested in a bow to let me shoot at club level up to 50 yards or so and was then encouraged to bits and pieces that would suit my needs and budget of £400. (And – just to be clear here – they do have cheaper and much more expensive options.)

It’s run by the husband and wife team of Stan and Shirley and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Contact details are:

Unit 3, Phoenix Park
Vinegar Hill
Sandy                     (nearest village is Upper Caldecote)
SG19 1PR

01767 699 991 
Opening times: Tuesday - Saturday 9am to 5pm

Report by Ian Peel