Club Contacts

We love hearing your comments about the club.

If you liked things that we've done when you've visited tell us so we can do them again, and if there were some things you'd like run differently tell us so we can look at doing something differently.

Shoot Admin

Cass does a great job of running the shoots, doing the behind the scenes work before the shoot, getting everyone booked in and sorted out and at the end of the shoot compiling the results.
Please e-mail Cass if you'd like to book into one of our shoots.
e-mail Shoot Admin


Mark the Chairman looks after us all at Westcott.
Please e-mail Mark if you'd like any information about the club.
e-mail Club Chairman


John P is our club Secretary. Please phone John if you'd like to take part in one of our begineers courses.
You can contact John on 01296 651 713

The Webpage Editor

If you've spotted any mistakes or are a club member and would like to see something on the site please contact me via the link below. I'll try and respond as quickly as I can - so please be patient.
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