2014 NFAS Westcott Shoots

As I'm sure most of you will appreciate, running field shoots, either Indoor or Outdoor takes a lot of planning, effort and time to put on. John and Hugh, to whom we are very grateful for their years of work, have decided they have had enough so, unfortunately, we will not be running any other NFAS field shoots until some volunteers can be found to take over the reigns. Thanks to you all for your ongoing support.

Westcott Archers NFAS 2 x 20 3D & Big Game Shoot 2013 Results


Field Archery

Animal Round
The modern sport of Field Archery takes place on "courses" or "ranges" which are laid out with 12, 14, 28, 36 or 40 fixed targets. These targets are set up at the ends of shooting lanes at various distances. The targets shot can be spots in the middle on concentric circles, paper animal targets or foam targets that resemble a life size animal. Groups of archers stand at a mark or peg and shoot a fixed number of arrows at the target. They then walk up to the target to score and collect their arrows before moving on to the next peg, this continues until all the targets have been shot.
Jo watched by the rest of the group at a shoot
John concentrates
An archer contemplates the targets distance
Lynn shooting at Liberty

Field Rounds


3D shooting has become more popular over the past few years. Archers shoot at 'foam' life-size animals shot at distances from 2 yards for a mouse to 100 yards for a buffalo. Most targets are shot at 40 yards with a good backstop behind to catch any stray arrows.

Bison being scored
Leopard ready to strike

Animal Paper Round

Animal faces, pictures of anything...at a variety of distances. Two yard ermine to a 80 yard bear. These are either printed faces or hand painted.


FITA Field

GNAS field courses use a yellow spot on a black background.

EFAA Field Round

The field face has a black spot with a white inner ring and black outer ring. Four face sizes are used for different distances.

EFAA Hunter Round

The Hunter face is all black with a white spot. Four face sizes are used for different distances.

Field Archery Societies


Predominately marked 'spot' rounds with some unmarked. Archers must be a member of the GNAS to shoot.


Unmarked animal rounds; paper and 3-D. Archers must be a member of the NFAS to shoot.


Marked and unmarked 'spot' rounds, animal paper rounds and 3-D rounds.