2014 Indoor Shoot

Westcott Archers Indoor 3D Shoot January 2014 As I'm sure most of you will appreciate, running a shoot of this nature over two weekends takes a lot of planning, effort and time to put on. We have decided that we will be taking a couple of years off and we will let you know when are looking to run this shoot again. Thanks to you all for your ongoing support.

Indoor 3D Field Shoot - 2012
Indoor 3D Range 2009

Thank you to all how came to our Indoor 3D shoot this weekend - it was lovely to see you all as normal!

Results for the GNAS session on 14th January can be found here.

Final NFAS results

We Shot Outdoors, Indoor's at Westcott - by Westcott - and on this occasion for Westcott

Every year we put on this Outdoor shoot Indoor's at Westcott, and every year members of clubs from around the country travel to Westcott to shoot our shoot. As you can imagine our club members loose the use of the range for a week or so whilst this takes place. This year Hugh decided it would only be far to let the club loose of the course for one evening - they only got to shoot it once round as it meant the animals were late home for bed, but here is the shoot report and their scores.

For Scores, results and photos have a look at our shoot report!!!

Think you're daring enough to join us? Not sure if you booked in for our 2010 shoot? Go to our 2010 Indoor 3D page for entry forms and reminder booking list.

Whats Indoor 3D?

It's a great way for archers, of all styles, to shoot together and have fun. It allows hardend field archers to have the oppertunity to shoot in mid winter in jeans and a t-shirt and target archers to shoot a relaxing 3D round.

We run the shoots in sessions which last approximately 3 and a half hours.

How we shoot 3Ds Indoor at Westcott

10 targets are laid out in distances from 5 yards to 20 yards.
There are 10 groups of 3 archers.
Each archer shoots two arrows at each target.
A 'target' may be more than one 3D as we also put out heard shots.
The shoot then proceeds as a normal field shoot, once the group has shot the target they collect their arrows and move to the next target.
Once the 10 targets have been shot, the archers shoot a second time making the competition a twice 10 target course.

There are few obvious differences as we'll be shooting inside: -
All shots are from one shooting line
ALL groups collect their arrows at the same time
The competition is spilt up into Sessions (morning, lunch and evening) if there are more than 30 archers shoting.