2009 Indoor 3D Shoots

  • GNAS Results - 10th January 2009
  • Westcott Results - 11th January 2009
  • NFAS Results - 18th & 19th January 2009
  • More information and bookings for next years shoot is available here.

    One snow covered Saturday in January, on a day when you would think twice about going out into the woods to shoot, 90 archers gathered together at Westcott for an indoor Field Shoot. It was slightly warmer in the hall than out in the woods (Mr Chairman- I said slightly, come on at least there was no wind chill), and archers arrived throughout the day for to take part in the three sessions.

    This year's shoot was centred around a volcano which even irrupted every now and then.


    Even Mini Bear had doned his best leopard skin and stood in his cave, causing problems for numerous archers. In typical Westcott tradition we had three moving targets which caused as many problems as normal. During the break, whilst the archers where stocking up on complementary tea/coffee and donuts some of the animals scurried away and others braved the lime light to give the archers some other targets to shoot at.

    Mini Bear hiding in his cave
    Dave Humphries hits the flying pigs

    And then just to make sure we were being fair - we let the club have a go then next day and inviting the whole of the NFAS the following weekend!!! At least then it was warmer....

    Thanks to all the archers who attended the shoots throughout the day and all the helpers who sacrificed their time to organise and marshall it. A good time was had by all and Admin apologises for being grumpy at the various points.

    Photos curtosy of Dave Humphry's and Andrew Hopkinson

    More pictures following............