2009 National Indoor Target Champs

The National Indoor Target Champs sees the best archers from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales coming together to compete. Medals and trophies are awarded to individuals, and teams at club, county, region and National level. However, it is open to all archers who shoot Recurve, Longbow, Compound and for the last time ever, Compound Limited. Those of us who went along met up with many friends (including those from Beacon Archers and Silver Arrow) and as usual it was a great social event - oh yes with some shooting happening as well. The Compound and Longbow archers shot on the Saturday and the recurve archers shot on the Sunday. There was also a head-to-head for the Compound, Longbow and Recurve archers.

Peter King, Mark Barnett, Jonathan Rabone, Adrian Bryant and Jock Murray made the trip to represent Westcott Archers and I took my pompoms to support the Compound and Longbow archers on the Saturday. Peter King came fourth in the Longbow class and Marky B came second in the Compound Limited Class. All our archers did a really great job and although I haven't heard from the recurve guys yet I know that Peter and Mark enjoyed the day.

Peter and Pete have a chat.
Peter and Pete have a chat - Archery? We'll get to that later!!

It was a particularly special year for those who shoot Compound Limited. GNAS decided last year that they would no longer have Compound Limited (shooting a compound off your fingers with no scope - only a pin) as a class in it's own right, as from 1st March 2009. This year 6 archers shot to compete for the last title. Marky B from Westcott won the title last year and was hoping to retain it this last time. Unfortunately he lost out by one place to another Field Archer and friend who was competing for the first time. So that's first and second place this year gone to Field Archers - maybe that's why GNAS have removed the class!!

The Compound Limited Guys for the last time
The Compound Limited Guys for the last time - (left to right) Gerald Tarrant, Ian Trout, Mark Barnett, Dean Layton-James and David Lilley

As usual the organisers have already got the results out so you can see how all our club members and friends got on.