GNAS Personal Performance Course

I attended a weekend course at Lilleshall National Sports Centre over the course of the May Day weekend. Incidentally, GNAS also conduct week-long courses devoted to the same subject.

Its objectives were to improve an individual's archery performance, and so it concentrated on:

There were 17 students and 6 national coaches. So each of us had a considerable amount of personal tuition/coaching in addition to group sessions. The skill of the archers ranged from those who had been on novice archer courses a couple of months ago to the more experienced archer. Oddly enough, we were not shooting at targets but bare bosses so that we could concentrate on form not on aiming. It was quite a revelation! By the end of the course, my groups had reduced from dinner plate-size to less than teacup size concentrated on what would been the X-ring.

Over the coming weeks it will have to be seen whether this coaching will result in better scores and I believe they will. Consequently, I can thoroughly recommend this course. If you wish to discuss it please speak to me at the club. For further information also see the GNAS website.

Austen Jones

Update from Austen Jones - 29th May 2009

Cass James

Just to let you know of my progress since the Lilleshall course; it has been so great I managed a "Robin Hood" yesterday at Chiltern over 30 yards whilst calibrating my new field sight. As evidenced in the attached photo's.