Kestrels Archery Club - Albion Tournament - 10th May 2009


I took part in the Windsor shoot at the above tournament, my first Windsor. It was gloriously sunny and warm, with very little wind.

There were 30 bosses spread across the field, split roughly equally between the three rounds; with 3-4 archers on each boss. For the benefit of the newer archers - the Windsor round uses a 5-zone system (9 - gold, 7, 5, 3 & 1) with 3 dozen arrows shot at each of 60, 50 and 40 yards.

Despite a dodgy shoulder that threatened to refuse to function, I scored 732 and won my category as Senior Gents Compound. Despite what the official score sheet shows, I only had 2 non-scoring arrows (someone mis-read the score sheet!).

Tongue-in-cheek comment - there was a raffle but 99% of the winners seemed to be Kestrels archers!

Austen Jones