Long Eaton Summer Solstice Shoot - 21st June 2009

Austen in action at Long Eaton!
Austen in action at Long Eaton!

I travelled up to Lount, Leicestershire for Long Eaton Field Archery's NFAS shoot which comprised 40 mixed 3Ds and paper faces. According to the more experienced field archers in my group it was a difficult course from a technical point of view. The course had very heavy undergrowth and so any arrows that didn't hit the target or boss were deemed lost unless the archer was extremely lucky. One of the targets comprised shooting from a simulated castle tower out of an arrow slit at a deer at about 30 yards.

There were a lot of extremely good archers in attendance. LEFA put on an excellent shoot with the supporters dressing up in medieval costume.

I shot a miserable 496 with 1 spot having taken out 9 arrows and returning with 5 bent ones. I hasten to add that I did not hit any trees or hard items. The arrows were too light for the recently increased poundage on my bow - a mistake I intend to rectify this week. This on my second NFAS shoot was worse than my first at Liberty by some 40 points and some 8 spots.

In conclusion an excellent shoot day.

Austen Jones