Westcott's Annual Field Shoot is a great excuse for the imaginations of our course setters go a little wild and this year was no exception. Although we have a small wood, we use it, some of the old buildings and some open ground to set our course. We like to use a mixture of 3D targets including herd shots and some predator and prey shots. However, our 'Predator & Prey' shots aren't always what they seem as Mini Bear likes to dress up for special occasions, this year he was dressed as Pooh Bear and he had his honey pot with some rather large bees!! We had a 'Hog Roast' shot which was shot from a tree stand.

Pooh Bear, his bees and the honey
The Hog Roast Shot

With only space for 2 by 20 targets we do our best to make our course as interesting and challenging as possible (I also heard the words 'devious' and 'cunning' used several times this year).

An open shot with a animal hiding in the trees
The Long Lion

Thanks to all who came to support us this year. It was great to see so many old friends and make some new ones.

A herd shot, only the Boar scores positive points, the others are minus 10!
Scoring the herd shot, with Holly helping Grandpa

Don't forget to check out our Indoor 3D section for our January shoots - if you want to come along book in soon as places are disappearing fast!! See you all again next year!!

Note of thanks from Invicta Archers (Steve Nicholson)

"Thank you for taking care of all the boring paper bits as I am sure you would rather have been shooting! Please also pass on my thanks to the course layers who devised the deceptive and cunning course which had me at one stage with my chin on the floor and the next hooting with wild delight at having nailed one of their craftily placed 3 D’s – for me yesterday was what archery is all about, the course layer puts one on a plate, after I shoot I discover he lured me in with the promise of a 24 only to find all was not as it seemed!!, I quickly learned to take more than a second glance, yet even then I couldn’t be sure I was seeing what I thought I could see – excellent – the touch with the camp and Boar was just beautiful…

My thanks also to the safety & arrow crew (I even got my “lost forever” arrow back) they too I am sure would rather have been shooting and at Invicta we know how precious free time is so it really comes from the heart when I say “thanks folks - you gave us a brilliant day”"