My first proper club champs as part of Westcott Archers, and it was all hands on deck to get everything ready for the club to shoot a Western and a Long Western, for the more adventurous. The weather was very kind and there was chocolate cake at change of distance. Everyone shot well and the medals were: (full results above).

Long Western - Ladies

  • Sandra 704 (Converted score - 534) Gold
  • Long Western - Gents

  • Fergus 798 (Converted score – 753) Gold
  • Jonathan 727 – Silver
  • Gordon 763 – Bronze (Converted score – 662)
  • Western - Ladies

  • Karen 262 (converted score – 793) Gold
  • Janice 334 (converted score – 688) Silver
  • Jean 772 (converted score – 653) Bronze
  • Western - Gents

  • Neil 313 (converted score – 810) Gold
  • Phil 286 (converted score – 791) Silver
  • Hugh 686 Bronze
  • Very Short Western – Junior Recurve Girl

  • Beth Wyatt-Day 413
  • A group of about 10 archers then decided the woods needed a bit of exercise and split in to two groups, some with their bows, and some with the new toys – catapults and paintballs, for a little pre-war practice… In the meantime some kindly souls had fired up the BBQ and were preparing food for the rest of us.

    Now I’m not saying that this company of archers are at all mentally young, but just explain to me how a little practice session on some targets outside the range turns in to all out gang warefare? Anyone? Somehow the three amigos (Jonathon, Fergus and Wookie) had to have a go of the three man catapult, and actually got it tied between two trees and firing at the rest of us, before we all armed ourselves and became one and started firing back at them! And where did the water balloons come from Chairman? Hugh? There was only one way for this to end, and sure enough, Cass took a paintball right between the eyes. To our chagrin, she didn’t have a black eye this morning and the ‘Kung-Fu-Panda’ nickname we had made up for her, was not used!

    You’d think that was enough for one day, but no, then came the ‘coon shoot (racoon that is). Eight 3D targets lit by very small touches! Car lights for scoring and retrieving arrows, then virtual starlight for the shooting of the beasties. How did anyone hit anything at all! Well done to Stu for surprising even himself by not missing with his crossbow and being the overall winner.

    I thought that was the end of the evening, and those that were camping retired in to the range for a cup of tea before falling in to their tents. Only of course, that wasn’t quiet the end of the day. A couple of us had taken possession of yet more toys and they, of course, had to be examined by everyone. And so I was taught how to cock my sparkly new .177 air rifle, and how to zero it in at 20 yrds. Finally made it in to our sleeping bags by midnight, but only because no one could lift anything heavier than a tea mug.

    Jan becomes target
    Target Jan
    Jan dressed for action!
    Paintball Jan
    Fergus takes aim
    Target Jan
    Karen and Jan ready to begin!
    Paintball Jan

    Sunday dawned fair, and as I unzipped our tent and pocked my head out, I was just in time to see Hugh line up a gorgeous shot on our tent with a water balloon, and watch it explode all over him, giving him his first soaking of the day! And it was only 06:00! We had one of the best fry-up’s we’ve had since Liberty, and by the time we’d cleared up, the other archers that were shooting the first ‘Westcott War in the Woods’, started turning up and getting kitted out with extra layers of clothing and a mixture of goggles and paintball helmets. Handfuls of paintballs were being stuffed in to every pocket available.

    We split in to 2 groups of 5 archers. I was in the group defending the ratty old building at the end of the wood. We waited for the onslaught, and sure enough, it wasn’t long before the attackers were on us. Do you know how hard it is to laugh, shoot, scream ‘ouch’, AND keep yours eyes on the attackers, all at the same time?

    A quick stop for a drink (it’s hot in them there woods, when you are running around) and to refill our pockets, and we attempted a ‘back-to-back, 10 paces, turn and shoot’ knockout game. If anyone turned before the 10 paces they got shot by all eight watching paintballers! We finally run out of time, as the social club opens at 12:00 and had to hang up our catapults for the day – just as well really as we were going to be black and blue with bruises. Hey, camouflaged skin! Brilliant!!

    Westcott Archers, you are mad, fun, competitive, noisy, accurate (mostly), vengeful, mentally challenged, generous, and the best fun to spend time with.

    Thanks to everyone that helped, participated and gave as good as they got. Next year I’ll have more padding…

    Thanks to Janice Bradfield for a brilliant shoot report - more photos to follow!!!

    John and Jan ready for action!
    Target Jan
    Pre-Battle Breakfast!
    Paintball Jan