Kestrels Worcester Shoot - 6th February 2011

There were nine straw bosses lined up in the sports hall at Kestrals, and it was great to see a Westcott Archer on targets 1 to 7, and we’d all entered for the double. It was warm and comfortable, and we seemed to be teamed up with a really nice bunch of archers. The shooting was a varied bag, with most of us having one really good round, and one not so good round. Unfortunately for Westcott, there were a lot of archers also shooting really good first rounds…

At the half way mark on the first round, I asked Sandra how she was doing, and she dug out her score pad to show me. ‘Oh no!’ she said, ‘we’ve done two and a half dozen and I’ve just shot the wrong face’. I looked at her score pad and said ‘Oh no, so have I’. At which point I pointed and laughed! Of course we hadn’t shot two and a half dozen – you only shoot 5 arrows an end (not 6), therefore we’d shot the right face. ‘I’m going to put that in the shoot report’ I said, ‘in fact I think we need a name for your ‘special antics!’’

So off we go to score and collect arrows in relief, only to have her kick the longbow chaps floor marker about 2 foot off its mark! I told him about her previous nuttiness and about the shoot report, and he said we should call it ‘What Sandra did next…’

So, ‘What Sandra did next?’ She moved, and continued to move her sight the wrong way – not for one end, no, she did it for the next half a round! So Sandra, what’s our new mantra? That’s right, ‘righty tighty, lefty loosy’…

You were brilliant company today Sandra, you had me laughing all day, and your second round was amazing. Well done girl. The jelly babies were a great touch too!!

Janice Bradfield 06.02.11