Westcott Archers Indoor Champs - Sunday 6th March 2011

My first indoor champs as a full time member of Westcott Archers, and I was really looking forward to it.

Nineteen club members shot, and the atmosphere was the usual mix of laughter and good sportsmanship.

After about a dozen arrows the sun came out and blinded the left-handed archers, so a couple of brave souls got the ladder, some large bits of paper and some sticky tape, and blocked the offending windows.

Adrian had arranged some ‘spot’ prizes, and three ‘surprises’, all of which were chocolate – perfect for our club – and were spread pretty evenly across the whole shooting line.

One of our novice archers, Colette, had a little trouble with her release aid, and in the usual Westcott fashion, she was helped out by a couple of the more experienced archers. Not quite sure what everyone made of the ‘compound ladies group hug’, but Fred (despite not being either a lady, or a compound archer) certainly was not going to miss out!

Jonathan and Mark had a two arrow shoot off for a box of chocolate biscuits, which were later munched in the social club with a well earned drink.

And now the bit, you’ve really been waiting for: What Sandra did next? Concentrating as hard as she could, Sandra shot an excellent Portsmouth, and the fact that she forgot to put an arrow in the bow, and dry released it, only seemed to make us jump, it didn’t throw her off her stride at all!

Big thanks to Adrian for his excellent running of the days shooting.

Oh yes, the results…

Janice Bradfield 06.03.11.