Westcott Archers Club Target Day - Warwick Round - Sunday 3rd April 2011

The first weekend in April came around and it was time for the first outdoor target day of the season. There were several field and target shoots on so we were very thin on the ground but 5 of us shot the Warwick round. After some hilarious sight mark gathering we managed to work out a distance further than 20 yards, we got to it. After a lot of complaining and the usual Westcott antics we produced the following scores....

  • Jonathan Rabone Gent's Recurve 396
  • John Lardner Gent's Recurve 281
  • Peter King Gent's Longbow 235
  • Cass James Ladies Compound 353
  • Jean Collins Ladies Recurve 320
  • We are awaiting confirmation but we believe that's five club records - Jonathan, Peter, Cass & Jean!!!

    Cass James 03.04.11.