Westcott Archers Target Day – Short Metric - Sunday 1st May 2011

Weather : Extremely Windy!

Although there were only five of us shooting this target day, we had plenty of entertainment. The wind was strong enough to drown out what we were saying to each other, and trying to hold our sights on the gold was near on impossible. However it didn’t stop Jonathan putting in a 6 Gold End at 30m – I know it’s usually only recognised at the longer distances, but the wind really was strong. At the same distance, Sandra appeared to have shot Janice’s arrow out of the air on the first end, but on going up to score, we discovered that Janice had actually just shot her first ‘Robin Hood’ in to Sandra’s arrow, and the wind had whipped the arrow away!

How’d we do? Did I mention the wind…

NOTE: The big tree at the end of the line of trees, next to the fence and fields, was struck by lightening on Friday, and is not safe to park under. We recommend that you park on the tarmac car park, and not along the side of the trees. Someone will be assessing the tree shortly.

Janice Bradfield 01.05.11.